mappyloaderThis library is for loading the tile-maps created with Mappy. At the moment this just loads the map with animations into memory (does not load the grafics, they are loaded from a separate png-file). It is possible to do animate tiles. So far it only supports FMP v1.0
You can turn on or off wrap North/South, East/West. No collision yet because I’m still working on getting the sprite.y sorting to work well.

Screen updates with animated tiles at around 20 fps on a GP2X with eight layers of tiles. (If you ever would like that many layers)

Each tile will have four flags for collision so you can make tiles that block passage in 1, 2 or three directions (or all four for that matter) Makes for nice placements of chairs or fences that don’t have to waste a whole tile for blocking.

Download MappyLoader

Last updated 2012-03-03

This code is intended for GLBasic.

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